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    EasyInvo.com is a simple, easy and intuitive application.

Prepare and send your estimates or invoices in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign in (or Sign up, it's free!)

  2. Enter your company, product and customer information.

  3. Create and send estimates or invoices in PDF format to your customers by Email in seconds!

Give your estimates and invoices a professional look and let your business grow.

Your information is safe in our system but you always keep control: download it anytime in CSV format.

EasyInvo.com is a simple but powerful tool designed for hard working people like you:

No useless decoration

No complex settings

No "nice to have" features

Everything is square, straightforward and ready to use anywhere.

And in your language (English, French or Spanish).

Its design fits any computer or tablet screen perfectly.

And It's free!


On Chrome for Android, choose option "Add to homescreen"

On Safari for iOS, choose option "Add to Home Screen"

New: Download the Android App from Google Play

Quick Start Guide

Please read the instructions below to start creating your documents :

Step 1: Login

Step 2: Enter the required information

A) Complete the required information of your company:
My Business → Update

B) Add the required information of customer you want to send the estimate or invoice:
Customers → Create

C) Add the tax information in your area:
Taxes → Create

D) If you like, you can enter your product or service information in the database for future use:
Products → Create

Step 3: Create a document

Create your Estimate or Invoice:

  • Estimates → Create
  • Select Customer
  • Change the information on the screen as needed.
  • Complete or modify the terms and conditions
  • Complete the notes as necessary (If these fields are empty, they do not appear in the document).
  • Click "Create and add items".
  • Click "Add Item" to add a new item.
  • Repeat last step to add all items
  • When finished, click "View".

You can see now how your Estimate or Invoice will look by clicking "Preview".

If you are happy with your document, download the PDF file for archiving.

Send it by email to your customer by clicking "Send".
Change the status of your Estimate or Invoice as required by clicking "Update".

You can sort the documents in the list by clicking the column head.
You can also filter the documents displayed by status or by keyword (search boxes).

If you want to download the list for archiving, click "Download as CSV file". The downloaded file in CSV format can be read by various applications such as MS Office, Open Office, etc..

You can record partial payments of an invoice:
Invoices → View → Add Payment

Tips and Tricks:

Use multiple tabs on your browser to have multiple simultaneous views of the application.

Always keep a copy of the PDF version of your document on your computer. Organize them into folders by year and month, for example.

Feel free to leave us your questions in our forum.

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